Oct 22, 13Awesome Gifts for Gold Buyers

Simply spend enough US dollars in buying Gold during the event, you will receive the gifts listed below accordingly.
Event Duration
November 14th 10:00pm - November 21st 3:00am
Amount Gifts
400+ USD [Hero Search Token]*30, [Adv. Search Token]*15, [Combining Amulet]*10, [Prize-draw Card]*10, [Exp Rabbit]*5
200+ USD [Hero Search Token]*10, [Adv. Search Token]*5, [Combining Amulet]*5, [Prize-draw Card]*5, [Trumpet]*20
100+ USD [Hero Search Token]*4, [Adv. Search Token]*2, [Prize-draw Card]*2, [Trumpet]*10
50+ USD [Hero Search Token]*2, [Adv. Search Token]*1, [Prize-draw Card]*1, [Trumpet]*5
10+ USD [Hero Search Token]*1 , [Trumpet]*5
5+ USD Trumpet*5